Conditions Treated

CM (Chinese Medicine) is a medicine which regulates the body system to bring about balance which in turn allows for a state of well being.

With this in mind, Chinese Medicine can be used to treat any issue you may have be it an acute condition (such as cold/flu, muscular pain, headaches), chronic disorders (such as asthma and arthritis), or maintenance and support therapy for such things as chemotherapy, IVF and pregnancy.

Conditions Treated Include

Abdominal pain Cohn’s disease Fatty Liver IBS Hamstrings
Acne Cold/Flu Chronic Fever Incontinence Tailbone/Coccyx pain
Allergies Conjunctivitis Finger joint Pain Infertility
Alopecia Constipation Gallbladder stones IVF support Scleroderma
Anemia Coronary Heart D Gastroenteritis Kidney stones Scoliosis
Ankle/Feet Cystitis GORD Knee Pain Shin splints
Anxiety Cystitis Glaucoma Lactose Intolerance Shingles
Arthritis Dental Pain Goiter Liver disease Sinus/Rhinitis
Diarrhea Gluten Intolerant Pregnancy support
Asthma Diverticulosis Gum disorders Lyme’s disease Prostatitis
Atherosclerosis Dizziness/Fainting Halitosis(bad breath) Meniere Disease Psoriasis
Back Pain Diabetes Headaches/ Migraines Menstrual disorders RSI
Bladder infections Dyspepsia Heart palpitations Nasal polyps Sciatica
Breast cysts Ear Infections/loss Hemorrhoids Neck/Shoulder Pain Throat dry/pain
Bronchitis Elbow/Wrist Hepatitis PCOS Tinnitus
Carpal Tunnel Syn Emphysema Hiatal Hernia Peritonitis Tonsillitis
Cataracts Endometriosis Hip/Pelvic Pain Gingivitis Ulcerative colitis
Celiac disease Erectile dysfunction Hypertension (HBP)  Polymyalgia Uveitis
Chest Pain Depression Hyperthyroidism Skin disorders Varicose Veins
Cholesterol Esophagitis Hypotension (LBP) Stomach ulcers Vertigo
Chronic Fatigue Eye disorders Hypothyroidism Stress Warts