Lenise Appleyard

Lenise comes from a medical family. Her mother was a nurse and inspired in her a love of helping others. From a young age she help her mother nurse her grandmother and then her own mother through their illnesses. As a young adult she knew that her career would be about helping people as she believes quality of life is every persons right.

Her career began as a beauty therapist, which lead her into body work after studying and working as a massage therapist she found Tunia (Chinese medical massage) and that was when her passion for CM (Chinese Medicine)began. In this amazing medicine she found the answers to not only her own health problems but why her mother and grandmother had suffered and died with such terrible diseases.

As her discovery into this medicine developed her understanding how all things in life are connected and how the weather, emotions, diet, relationships to others and even our thinking can enhance or damage our health.
With this understanding came the realisation that disease is not your destiny, but rather your body way of letting you know it needs some help. Taking action and understanding how your life choices are affecting your health is how CM can help you.

By working within this philosophy of CM I have helped thousands of people regain their life balance.

Therefore my life’s passion is about helping people to reach their optimum health and understanding how to stay there.

Lenise Appleyard


M.Hlthsc (TCM)

B.Hlthsc (acup)

Ad.Dip Tuina (massage)

Ad Cert TCM (China) Jing Fang

Dip Remedial Massage

Dip Aromatherapy

Dip Bach Remedies

Dip Beauty Therapy

Dip Hypnotherapy

Dip Neurologist Programming (NLP)